August 25, 2009
" The way to live is to make your presence felt while you are present, so that when you are absent your absence will also be felt."
Written in 2008 by Abiodun Mabadeje --- Nigeria

August 23, 2009
" Those who fear rejection will experience it. Those who believe in success will experience success. Your life will follow your dominant mental thoughts."
Written in 2009 by Hooman Hamzehlou

August 18, 2009

" If you think that someone else thinks that they are better than you, perhaps it is you who thinks they are better than you."--- Written in 1997 by Brian G. Jett

~Think About It

August 13, 2009

" Take a bowl, put all your mistakes in it, mix them well. This collection of mistakes is ... EXPERIENCE." --- Written in 2009 by Sonam Bhatia Saluja

~Think About It

August 12, 2009
" Until you decide that NOTHING will stop you from success, EVERYTHING will."--- Written in 2009 by Elijah Brewer --- Texas
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August 11, 2009
" The person that comes first in your life is YOU. Don't compromise yourself for other people. Stand your ground and know what you want in life."Written in 2009 by Sbongile Tshabalala --- South Africa
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August 10, 2009

" Troubles are like a washing machine. They twist, turn and knock us around but in the end, we come out cleaner, brighter and better than before."Author Unknown

~Think about it!

AUGUST 9, 2009

Before the fruits of prosperity can come, the storms of life need to first bring the required rains of testing, which mixes with the seeds of wisdom to produce a mature harvest."Copyright © 2008 Lincoln Patz

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October 18, 2009
Those Of You With Small Children May Want To Take Note:

Baby shampoo should be
safe, but it might contain cancer-causing chemicals, according to product tests
from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. The iconic Johnson's Baby Shampoo was
among the products that contained both formaldehyde and a contaminant called 1,4-dioxane.

ToLearn more about the tests
visit the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Web site,
www.safecosmetics. org.

August 22, 2009
You Are What You Speak!

Did you know that you can actually speak things into existence. There is power in our words. What we say and what we think could actually shape what we do and what happens in our lives. So think positive and speak positive!

AUGUST 10, 2009


=> Toxic chemicals found in everyday household cleaners are seven times more likely to cause cancer than air pollution

=> The majority of accidental poisonings in children are the result of household cleaners

=> Studies have shown that women who work from the home have a higher death rate from cancer, which is associated with household cleaners..


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Studies show that over 60% of North Americans are overweight. Excess weight could ultimately cause conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoarthritis and death. Studies have also shown that the average person eats approximately 9 times per day, which includes snacking. This is ok, if we choose the right things to munch on which reduces our risk of putting on excess weight and increasing our caloric intake (20-30% of calories come from snacking).

The solution to these problems is to choose foods and snacks that are healthier for our bodies with organic ingredients, nutrients and fewer calories.

I can provide you with this solution. Let me show you how you can utilize our healthier alternatives for each of the 9 possible eating opportunities throughout your day:

Cereal and Breakfast Bars- which provides you with a nutritional breakfast to jump start your day.

Crackers- which are low in calories, thus reducing our caloric intake when you have the urge to snack.

Cookies- contain no trans fat and are made from the finest organic ingredients.

Energy Bars and Shakes- promote muscle maintenance with protein, antioxidants, enzymes and fiber thus enabling you to build, repair and absorb for total muscle care.

The Road Towards Better Health Starts Here!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Don't Believe the Hype!

As a home business owner, I have seen a plethora of so called "business opportunites", as I search for new avenues of networking and obtaining contacts. What amazes me is how some of these companies literally sell people dreams of making money, often overnight and by doing nothing! This has been the cause of the bad reputation given to network marketing and the home based industry as a whole. Several vehicles are utilized to pull people in and give them the false hopes of becoming a millionaire over night. I will only address two tactics which are always used.

First they claim to have the latest and greatest product or service. They claim that what they have to offer is the next best thing and that you will make a 'recession proof' income because what they have to offer is something that everyone needs. I suggest that you further analyze what it is that these companies have to offer before you shell out 200, 300, 4oo or more dollars to a company. Also, visualize yourself as a consumer and ask yourself, "Is this something that I need?". After all, if YOU won't have a need for this product or service, then how are you going to efficiently offer it to someon else as something THEY will need? Don't be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions will lead up to discovering wheter or not the person you are doing business with as well as the company has integrity. Question whether or not they use the product or service? How has it worked for them? You can kind of get a sense as to whether this person is sincere and truthful by drilling them.

Another method used is offering a 'fool proof' compensation plan. This is seen in a lot of the newer companies. They claim to have the simplest methods of downline building and residual income profits. Lots of people fall into this trap because the compensation plan makes sense. However, if you look at the big pictures, some companies OFFER such compensation plans because a lot of the reps may or may not make it but so far in the business. Another thing to be guarded against, especially in the case of newer companies, is the fact that these companies are offering to pay out more than what they may possibly bring in. Sadly, companies like this often fail within the first five years taking your money, hard work and time right along with them.

The key here folks is to do your research and if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Look for a company that has a proven track record. Are they accredited by the Better Business Bureau? You'll be surprised. Often companies file bankruptcy and create another business under another name and sell the same product or service. Another thing that you will want to look for is how long have they been in business. The longer a company has been around, chances are they are legitimate.

The bottom line here is a home based business is just like any business. You have to work, work, work. If you have chosen a legitimate home based business opportunity, you will get out of it what you put into it. Don't fall into the trap of these 'Dream Sellers'. Follow your gut and use your instincts.

Good luck and I wish you much success!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The state of our economy has changed dramatically over the past few years. The price of gas has substantially increased and there has been a rise in the price of food, all the while the cost of living remains unchanged. As a result, many individuals have begun to seek an alternative means of obtaining an income and are doing so by working from home. Home Based Businesses, as the name implies, are business ventures people embark upon in an effort to earn a living. Whether it be through Direct Sales, MLM, through providing a service, or Network Marketing, many have found this avenue as an efficient means of achieving financial freedom for the following reasons: 1) It gives them the opportunity to fire their boss and take more control over their income and their lives. 2) It enables them to gain a feeling of success in that they see the rewards of their hard work. 3) It enables them to spend more time with their family. 4) Last but not least, there is no money spent on gas as a result of commuting, giving them the opportunity to save a little more.

Why Did I Decide to Start a Home Based Business?

Over a year ago I learned that I would soon be the mother of twins. Not only was I excited I also felt overwhelmed. I realized that my family will increase from two children to four! Not only that, instead of purchasing for one baby, I would have to double my purchases for two babies. In addition, I was not mentally, physically or FINANCIALLY prepared for the complications that I encountered. I ended up being placed on strict bed rest for five months due to these complications which had a detrimental effect on my finances. By the time I returned to work I was behind on everything from my mortgage, my property taxes and even my utility bills were behind. I began to seek other means of gaining additional income. I began searching online and going through various pages of advertisements for work from home opportunities and spoke to several representatives from those that tweaked my interest. I decided to start my home based business with the Four Point Group.

Working with the Four Point Group has been a rewarding experience. I have been taught the value of setting goals for my life as well as the necessity of striving to reach them. Not only that, I have developed and established close friendships and relationships with my fellow business builders as well as my customers. I also have a great mentor who is genuinely motivated to help me and my business grow successfully, which I find is a critical factor. One thing to remember, if you decide to join this latest trend in starting a Home Based Business, is that success does not come over night. It may take days, weeks and even months for you to reap the benefits of your hard work.

Overall, many have come to discover that owning a business that they could run from the comfort of their own home is both a rewarding and fun way of meeting their goals and moving forward along the road towards financial freedom.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Been a While

Well, it's been some time since I've added to my blog. Being a busy mommy working and going to school, has taking me away from my mission. But now that the semester is over, I can devote more time towards educating everyone on how we can make our homes chemical free. Stay tuned, there's more to come.

Until next time,

Happy Blogging!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Hidden Truth Behind Detergents

Our environment plays a vital role in everyone’s lives and it is our responsibility to do our share in preserving it. How? By using products that are free of ingredients that pose a threat. There are various household chemicals that we, as consumers, use everyday that harm both ourselves and our environment. Two of the most common are phosphates and chlorine bleach.


Phosphates are molecules which, if introduced into our rivers, oceans, lakes and streams, could lead to algae overgrowth. This overgrowth poses a hazard to our ecosystem because when large amounts of algae die they consume massive amounts of oxygen. Which results in the death of the plants and animals that inhabit are waterways. Phosphates have been commonly used in laundry detergents and dishwasher detergents, however, their use in laundry detergents have been outlawed due to this environmental risk. But, on the contrary, they are still a major ingredient in most dishwasher detergents.


Phosphates are used as a water softener and they also make cleansers more effective. Manufacturers use them because they are a cheaper means of making an effective product.


For years, chlorine bleach has been a common household item. It is found in just about every cleaner on the market. Why? Again, it’s a cheaper way of making an effective cleaning product. But what you don’t know is that when mixed with the hot water from either your dishwasher or washing machine, chlorine fumes are created and released into the air in the form of a mist.
The fumes emitted by chlorine bleach have been known to cause headaches, fatinge, burning of the eyes and difficulty breathing. How many times have you had to open your window for ventilation while cleaning with products containing chlorine bleach? Well, I can tell you that needed to do so EVERY time I cleaned. The American Association of Poison control reported that during the 1990’s, there were 462,000 cases of accidental poisoning due to chlorine bleach. As a matter of fact, chlorine bleach has been the most common cause of accidental poisoning cases in North America! Scary isn’t it? If you would like more information on household toxins and what you can do to create a toxic free home environment visit

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Are We Poisoning Our Children?

Warning:Your Household Products May Do More Harm than Good!!!

Hello and thank you for taking the time out to read my latest blog. By doing so, you have expressed an interest in learning about how everyday household items pose a chemical risk to our bodies. We all like to use products that effectively clean and disinfect our homes. What we don't realize is that the chemicals used in these products are actually TOXIC.

Have you noticed that when you are cleaning your home you may often have to open a window becuase the fumes from the cleaners are so strong. I know I have. I often become lightheaded and even nauseous by the time I'm finished cleaning my bathroom! This is because chemicals such as bleach and ammonia are extremely harmful for our nasal passages and if inhaled for even a short period of time will cause these reactions.

Studies have shown that the leading cause of household poisonings among children are due to the ingestion of household cleaning products. It is important to know that there are safer alternatives out there. It is equally important that we provide a safer environment in our homes for ourselves and our families. You may ask yourself "Well how do I do this?". The answer is by using eco friendly products. By eco friendly I mean products that do not contain harmful toxins that are found in leading brand products. Products in which alternative ingredients are used that do not harm the environment or our bodies.

When I first decided to work from home I had no idea as to what type of business I wanted to take part of. It wasn't until I viewed a presentation by Four Point Wellness that I decided to work for a company that had a cause. This cause is to inform and promote awareness that we are all using unsafe products on a daily basis. We endores a company that has been in business for over 20 years and are an Inc. 500 company. Our company promotes products that are eco friendly. Our products range from laundry detergents, cleaning product, snacks, candles, vitamins, toothpaste, first aid, bath & body, make up and so much more. I am proud of the company that I work for and enjoy using their products, which clean just as efficiently as the leading brand but they don't pose a health risk.If you are interrested in obtaining more information about how to make your home a safer one, feel free to contact me at

My website can be viewed at

The time is now. Let's begin to take better care of our health!

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hello and welcome to my blog. This blog is designed as a means of education and awareness concerning the chemicals that are found in everyday products that we use. It will also serve as an avenue of discussion for those wishing to express their views and concerns regarding how we can make our homes safer and to discuss alternatives that will help increase our lives and the lives of our families. Education is key and together we will work to remain informed so that we can make better decisions to promote better health and wellness. The road leading to better health starts here. Enjoy!